martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Cell-Phone: My favorite piece of technology

In the present, the technology is very important for every day. We use the technology in many activities; for example if you didn’t have cell-phone, you wouldn’t talk with others.

In my personal opinion I wouldn’t live without cell-phone because if I don’t have mobile phone, I will can’t to communicate whit my parents and my friends. On the other hand this piece of technology is very useful for many activities for example when I want to take a picture.

In my personal case I got my cell-phone last year, because my mother give me, and is very useful for talk with my parents when I won’t go to my house; for that I use every day and I don’t know what to do without it.

I like to use cell-phone because I think is multifunctional; you can talk with others in different places, you can take a picture, you can surf in the internet (depends of type the cell-phone), you can listen music and many other activities.

Finally if I didn’t have my cell-phone, I wouldn’t do anything because is a piece of technology very important to me; and I think is very important for all. For that I love cell-phone and I think it’s the best inventions in the word.

2 comentarios:

  1. Is a good piece of technology, i love this. My cellphone is a "rock" jajaja... I prefeer my old celphone because is because it is safer than modern cell phones.
    See you...!!!

  2. the cellphone is a nice piece of technology but i can live without it.