martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Perfect World

In my perfect world social differences don’t exist so people are very happy because people are not discriminated, and poor o rich concepts don’t exist in this world. In this world every person is supportive.
In this world The Economic System is fair because social differences don’t exist and the salaries are good (equitable for all), on the other hand it is necessary to speak about  Political System due to the fact is important for the world; in this world democracy exist.
The family is very important because it’s the base of society, and exist true love. In this word the people worry about each other because human relationships are important for them.
Every people have a Job, don’t exist unemployment and they are working in a good work because is a contribution to society.
About Spiritual Life, I can say is important to relationships because people are respectful, and they are positive about their life and the future.
Education is the most important in this perfect o ideal world, and for that would all be to receive basic or superior education (University); because people is more intelligent and be polite with the others.
This is my fantasy or utopia, I think couldn’t be real because human relationships are difficults and conflict is latent. For that I think is very imposible believe in a perfect world.

2 comentarios:

  1. I think the same about good relationships and family, because there are the base to build a better world.

  2. I think that your world is same to My perfect world :)
    I invite you to visit my blogg :)
    see you.